Apple’s next-gen iPhone series will have 10nm process chipsets. According to reports Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company has secured the contract to produce chipsets, this company will also produce 10nm SoCs for MediaTek and Huawei’s in-house chipset company HiSilicon.
Apple’s new A11 chipset will be the first based on the 10nm FinFET process that company will implement in its next flagship smartphones like the iPhone 8. Production was affected by issues with stacking components, but since they have been solved, TSMC got the green light for producing the new SoC.
TSMC, MediaTek, initially planned to roll two 10nm chipsets – the Helio X30 and the Helio X35. The second was discontinued after a lack of demand from major customers. Another big company that is planning to have chips, produced with the latest wafers is HiSilicon, presumably for the new Huawei Mate series.


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