It was rumored earlier that the upcoming Apple iPhone 8 will have wireless charging capabilities as this year the company has ditched the all-metal rear panel and will be using a glass panel instead to support wireless charging. And now a new report came to light that RAVPower which manufactures charging solutions for mobile devices that include power banks and charging accessories are manufacturing a Wireless charger for the Apple iPhone 8.
RAVpower claims that they have started the mass producing the Qi charging pads and the pads would support all future iPhones which could suggest that other two models iPhone 7s and 7s plus could also come with wireless charging capabilities. But the charger will not come with Wireless Power Consortium’s Qi 1.2.x standard, which is 15-watt “fast” charging instead it will only have 7.5 watts charging capabilities which will result in slow speed charging.
When compared to its competitors such as Samsung and LG, both have wireless chargers that could support fast charging on their smartphones. There are reports that suggest that apple is sticking to a 7.5W wireless charger to maintain a fail safe standards. As of now their is no detail about whether the wireless charger will come out of the box or consumers have to pay extra for the it. The device is expected to unveil on September 12 and will start at $999 for the base variant.


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