The Cupertino tech giant unveiled a new wearable Apple Watch Series 3 at its tenth anniversary event. The Apple Watch Series 3 will support LTE connectivity which means now customers can receive calls even if phones are not in their proximity. It also comes with standard Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity options.
The Apple Watch Series 3 pack a new dual core processor that is 70% faster than its predecessor. And now It’s fast enough to allow Siri to talk!. The new W2 chip enables 85% better Wi-Fi performance with lower power usage. It will also let users stream Apple Music directly from the Watch.
The the antenna for 4G LTE and 3G has been added to the display of the watch. The new watch also introduced a barometric altimeter and claims to have a battery life up to 18 hours. As for the size, the Apple Watch Series 3 comes with built-in GPS, waterproofing and has similar size to its predecessor Series 2.
The watch features smart coaching with high intensity interval training and automatic swim sets counting. It also features much more extensive heart care, so now users can know their heart statistics like resting heart rate and recovery heart rate. And if the watch detects a high heart rate without movement, it can sound an alarm.
Apple will also be releasing a new version of Watch OS 4 along with the watch and it will be available from September 19 onward. The Apple Watch Series 3 will be available in two color options gold aluminum and a special Black ceramic. Pre-ordering will start from September 15 and will go on sale from September 22. The company has priced the LTE variant of the Watch at $399 and $329 for the non-LTE model.


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