Apple’s upcoming smartphones will be powered by a new A11 SoC. According to developer Steve Troughton-Smith the Apple A11 chip will feature six processor cores.

It will have two cores which are named Monsoon and will be used for tasks requiring high power, such as gaming and video manipulation. The remaining four Mistral cores handle the lighter housekeeping – texting and checking email, for instance.
A11 chipset is capable of running all its CPU cores independently, so the IOS 11 can access multiple cores of any kind, depending on the task at hand. And all could run simultaneously if maximum power is required. The A10 Fusion could use only its dual high-performance cores or quad low-power & efficient cores at any time.

As for the current A10 Fusion chip which powers the Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus has 2 high-powered Hurricane cores and 2 low-power Zephyr cores but they can only run one cluster at a time.
The upcoming Apple smartphones will have more powerful processor than before and the processor will be able to choose the cores according to its requirement.


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