Apple’s Siri speaker is expected to be launched at WWDC in June and make its way into the home center by the end of this year. According to rumours the company has started mass producing Siri speaker after a very long development period.
The device is expected to have surround sound and can integrated with other apple products. As per reports the device the audio technology within the speaker is what Apple hopes will give it the competitive advantage. Sources also shared that the speakers are louder and “reproduce sound more crisply” then rivals, and that Apple has considered measuring room acoustics to adjust sound levels.
Smart home technology is a booming industry and Amazon Echo or Google Home are already taking its advantage and selling their Prime Music or Play Music on those speakers. So it was high time that Apple also launches a device to compete with them and also it can ensure that Apple Music customers remain loyal. Siri speaker will be manufactured by Inventec, the same company making the AirPod wireless headphones. Apple employees have been testing the speaker in their homes for several months now.
The Siri speaker will also serve as a hub for HomeKit, being able to control lights, door locks, window blinds, smart home appliances. The device will not have a screen. Apple will also let third party develop services for the speaker similar to its competiotors.


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