After molds and schematics of the upcoming iPhone 8 and iPhone 7s/ iPhone 7s Plus now we got images of front and back panel of these devices. This leak came from a reddit user who is known as “a friend in the industry” and the images confirm some of the design rumours like vertical dual camera setup on iPhone 8.
The images of the devices reveal that back panel of upcoming iPhone 8 and iPhone 7s/ iPhone 7s will be made of glass which could be indication that devices would be capable of wireless charging. Moving on to the front panels iPhone 8 Lacks Touch ID fingerprint scanner, it has a cut out up top for selfie camera and the earpiece. Looking at its bezel which are very thin confirms that the device would have a big AMOLED Screen, which would be manufacture by Samsung.

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On the back panel of the iPhone 8 there is a vertical setup for the dual camera with a flash in between and there is no touch ID fingerprint scanner on rear end too this could mean that apple is going embedded Touch ID in the front display. As for iPhone 7s/ iPhone 7s the panels are covered so we can’t make out much of the details of the devices but as for camera on the rear ends we can see that iPhone 7s would have a single shooter whereas on iPhone 7s Plus will sport a dual camera setup similar to iPhone 7 Plus. These devices rear panels are also made of the glass so they will also most likely support wireless charging.


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