After the latest Google Allo 9.0 update it is said to have some great background features that are hidden from user at the time. Few of those features are like quick selfie, backup & restore, and more stickers etc. As per reports of APK Teardown by 9to5Google reveals that software can set the app up for the eventual implementation of chat backups to either Google Drive or local storage to a smartphone or external storage.
Evidence of this feature can be found on the line of code where “Looks like your chats have recently been backed up. To prevent losing previous chats, restore them now. If you don’t restore now you won’t be able to restore chats later.” is written accoding to the reports.
There also speculation that the backups will include images, video, and other content. And once Allo does the initial chat backup restore, that content will continue to restore in the background so you can get to using the app. This update will also include Quick Selfie: a live camera view right from the app that takes a quick photo, presumably with some kind of tap-and-hold action, group incognito chats: which will provide privacy to the chats of the group and there is evidence for a future selfie-generated sticker pack feature.
These features are embedded with the Google Allo 9.0 but at the time it is upto Google about the timing of the release of this features.


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