Google has launched its new app Areo which can order food from restaurants or schedule appointments with local service professionals, including electricians, painters, cleaners, plumbers, and more. At the time this Areo works only in some part of india but as we know google it would expand it services to other areas in short period of time.
Areo will ask for your location and then list all the services available in your area. The first is food delivery service, where Google has partnered with Freshmenu, Box8, Holachef, Faasos and more (depending upon location). You can see the prices of the items and order them directly from the order, and the app will push the request to the service provider and they will take over from there.
But that’s not all they are also providing services like home services such as maintenance stuff like appliance repair, carpentry, electrical work, pest control, plumbing, house cleaning, etc. There are also other chores such as car wash, laundry, packing and moving and cooking. You can also book a personal fitness or a waxing and pedicure appointment through UrbanClap. The list includes even more things such as house painting, accounting, mechanic, chauffeur, shoe repair and even astrology readings.
This isn’t Google’s first time in the delivery space, however. The company continues to operate its rapid-delivery service Google Express in the U.S., which delivers items from stores like Costco, Walgreens, Toys R Us, Petsmart, Whole Foods and several others. That service has had its ups and downs, however, as Google rethought the model.
All of these services are subject to location. Depending upon where you are some or the other options will be disabled.


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