The Google Assistant was updated with over a dozen new actions earlier this week as the Mountain View-based tech giant’s voice-enabled companion received the ability to keep track of grocery expiration dates, read Jaden Smith’s quotes, control Neato-made robot vacuums, and more. While the Google Assistant was already capable of keeping track of groceries thanks to its Google Keep integration, its new action Chefling allows it to also keep tabs on your existing food reserves and their expiration dates. Furthermore, Chefling is capable of suggesting recipes that are meant to utilize the ingredients you already have at your disposal, which is another useful feature that will help you avoid scenarios in which your food goes bad. Chefling previously debuted on Amazon’s Alexa-powered Echo and proved to be relatively popular among consumers, so its Google Assistant integration will likely make Google’s digital companion even more useful.


The Google Assistant also received an action allowing it to access IMDB ratings, in addition to getting access to a large knowledge database on congenital heart disease, Mars, and horse races in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, and France. Neato’s Google Assistant action allows users to control their robot vacuum cleaners with voice commands, while the Bugle Notes action will help U.S. Military Academy’s cadets learn The Soldier’s Creed and some other vital information. Finally, the aforementioned action designed to quote Will Smith’s 18-year-old son wasn’t made in jest as its 16-year-old creator Matthew Gillen reportedly finds Jaden Smith’s words to be moving and inspiring.
The following new actions can be added through the Google Home app: just go to to Settings > Services to see the full list of third-party actions. So what’s new? You can now ask Google Assistant to:

  • Provide IMDB movie ratings from Movie Maestro
  • Use Chefling to provide recipes and remind you when food is expiring
  • Get suggestions from Beer Guide, Wine Guide and the Food Network
  • Read you philosophical quotes from Jaden Smith
  • Start, stop and pause your Neato robot vacuum cleaner
  • Get West Point facts from Bugle Notes
  • Learn about Mars weather conditions from Red Pebble
  • Stay informed on congenital heart disease with Team Nina
  • Use Computer Builder to guide you through making your own PC
  • Ask Racing Results for details of horse races around the globe



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