During Samsung’s press event at MWC, a protestor stood at the foot of the stage during Samsung’s keynote at MWC. The sign referred to the unknown fate of the millions of Galaxy Note7 units that are sitting in a facility somewhere.
The sign sends a really simple message. It’s a recycle symbol with the words “re-think, reuse, recycle”. The middle of the triangle reads: “It’s simple” and a hashtag that refers to the #GalaxyNote7.

Greenpeace protestor takes the stage at Samsung #MWC2017 conference. “I think you’ve made your point” says Samsung exec.

– Andrew Lanxon Hoyle (@Batteryhq) February 26, 2017

Just as the keynote began, a single protester managed to get close to the stage and get the attention of the presenter. “I think you’ve made your point” said the Samsung Executive. After that, the presentation went on without further interruption.
Not even a week ago, a rumor came from Samsung India that the company planned to use new and smaller batteries in the Note7 and sell them as refurbished devices. Even though the rumor was debunked by a Samsung India rep, we still think Samsung should refurbish the recalled units. We’re pretty sure people would be willing to buy a Galaxy Note7 (with a smaller battery) which was arguably the best Galaxy device ever. Until, well, you know.


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