HTC launched there flagship U11 and was bragging that smartphone’s camera scored 90 at DxOMark, making it the highest ever rated on the website. According to camera enthusiast, the U11’s camera beats the Google Pixel and awarded as the new best camera phone on the chart because of the high quality, low noise pictures and the impressively fast autofocus.
Device has a 1/2.55” sensor, allowing the device to produce excellent results in low light. Thanks to its dual-pixel PDAF, the focus should be pretty fast too even in less than optimal lighting. Website also complimented the device on producing colours. The HTC U11 also performs amazingly in video recording. But there are some minor weaknesses in video recording are the slight loss of details and color shading in low light.
Specs-wise the HTC U11 has 12 MP UltraPixel 3 camera with UltraSpeed Autofocus and Dual LED flash. It can record video in 4K with 3D Audio and also captures 1080p @ 120 fps for all the slow-mo fans.


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