Apple is yet to reveal its iPhone 8 but rumours of iPhone 9 has already been surfaced as Samsung Display, the display-making unit of Samsung Electronics has recently signed a deal with Apple to supply OLED panels for the new iPhone next year, tentatively called the iPhone 9.
Apparently device is said to offer in two sizes, both sporting much bigger touchscreens than we’ve gotten used to. The small iPhone 9 will come with a 5.28″ display, while the larger model will accommodate a 6.46″ panel. Samsung and Apple have recently signed a non-disclosure agreement on general conditions, including the screen size according to the rumours.
Samsung expects to sell at least 180 million units to Apple for this purpose. That’s more than double the estimated 80 million OLED displays that it’s producing for the iPhone 8, which should launch this fall. OLED, or organic light-emitting diodes, works by putting electricity through certain materials that glow red, green and blue. This technology allows the scene on the screen to seem more colorful, vibrant and detailed, compared to what is shown on an LCD display.


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