Reliance Jio became the fastest 4G network of India in month of April according to data published on TRAI website. Reliance Jio’s average download speed stands at 19.12 Mbps in April 2017, more than any other telecom operator. TRAI collects and computes data download speed with the help of its MySpeed application which is similar to Ookla’s speedtest app, on a real-time basis.
In April the download speed on Idea Cellular network stood at 13.70 Mbps and Vodafone network at 13.38 Mbps. Bharti Airtel which was rated fastest telecom operator by Ookla was lagging behind on the list with an average download speed of 10.15 Mbps.
As for the upload speed on the 4G networks, Idea was leading the charts with 8.45 mbps whereas Vodafone and Reliance Jio at 7.3 Mbps and 5.3 Mbps speed, respectively. In the Upload speed also Airtel stood on the last rank with 4.6 Mbps.


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