LG unveiled there new variant of their flagship LG G6+, it comes with more memory, new color options and B&O headphones in the box. The device has upgraded their security with face recognition functionality that works even when the phone is locked. That way you can unlock by just lifting it up and pointing it to your face.
LG G6+ comes with many other cool features like Low Power Consumption leverages on the Qualcomm chipset to improve battery usage. It collects data from sensors and optimizes power usage, depending on your location and movement. That’s not all it also includes fine volume control of the Hi-Fi Quad audio and automatically records calls from a particular number.
The device has doubled its internal memory from 64GB to 128GB but all other specification remains the same. LG G6+ introduced some new colors Optical Marine Blue, Optical Terra Gold and Optical Black. The device has been only revealed for Korea and will make it way to global market.


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