Latest problem faced by Samsung S8 is a unique one some of the devices are rebooting themselves without user’s consent this is another major bug found after the red screen issue. Owners have taken to the XDA Developers forums and the Samsung US community page to post about the issue, and it seems like its affecting the Galaxy S8 Plus too.
XDA and Samsung forums are filled with this issue and there are lots of solutions being thrown around but most relate to microSD cards. If you are encountering this problem and are a using a microSD card, it might be worth removing it to see if that solves the issue. But some of users are reporting similar issue without the microSD card.
At the time there is no clarity on the root cause as of now, but the problem definitely seems to be there given the number of complaints. Samsung hasn’t issued an official statement on the said issue. Lets hope this problem gets sort out as soon as possible.


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