Reliance Jio has launched a new offer for Vivo smartphone users, which gives them a chance to win up to 168GB Jio 4G data. The ‘Vivo Jio Cricket Mania’ offer requires users to start with sending a message with the name of their favourite Indian Premier League (IPL) team. Jio will give 4G data every time user’s favourite team wins, loses or if there is a draw.
Vivo users will have to select their favourite team on or before May 10. Jio will reduce its complimentary data to 50 per cent if users register after April 30. The additional data benefits will be credited to user’s account over their next ten recharges as data boosters, starting from June 1 to March 31, 2018. However, users will have to recharge with Rs 303 or more every month to be eligible for this extra data benefit.

How to get this offer?

  • STEP 1: You Have to be a Vivo Phone user with Jio connection
  • STEP 2: Select Your Team Before 10th of May.
  • STEP 3: Users have to send SMS from there Jio number on 59009. Format of SMS should be (VJTEAM NAME)
  • STEP 4: Jio will award data packets according to there points table. 1 WIN = 3GB, 1 DRAW = 2GB, 1LOSS = 1GB
  • STEP 5: These POINTS will be Doubled In Qualifiers, Triple In Final & Quadruple if your team wins the Final


five × 2 =