WhatsApp is testing their new feature, which would enable users to share any type of file. At the moment users can only send few types such as PDFs, Word documents, spreadsheets, and slides. When this feature will be live Android users would be able to send 100MB of data, on IOS users will be able to send 128MB of data and for WhatsApp web the limit is set at 64GB.
This feature would be welcome change as users can now share any file of their choosing and by increasing the data limit on the attachments now users can send photos and videos without the compression which could mean now users could enjoy the quality of the videos like 4k and pictures to their fullest extent.
The company is testing this feature on few users in present but they would roll out this feature for everyone in coming days. This feature could also create some new security issues like hackers can send malware or other virus through whatsapp which could be troublesome.


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