Oneplus has stopped its software support officially for its Oneplus 2 which was released by the company in 2015. Owners of the OnePlus 2 have been asking for the Android Nougat update for a long time, but unfortunately company has officially discontinued its software support.
Another device that could join no software support list could be the Oneplus X which was also released the same year as the stipulated time of 18-month software support period is due to be completed. OnePlus was initially testing the Android Nougat OS on the OnePlus 2 as it was spotted on a benchmark. Fans and owners were expecting that it would be upgraded within months.
Development of their new flagship Oneplus 5 could be reason as they are putting all their resources on the future project. Earlier the company discontinued their current Flagship Oneplus 3T and suggested reason was similar. These kind of decision by the company could bear negative impact as fans could feel cheated and disheartened.


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