GeekBench App was used on the upcoming Oneplus 5. Results show an impressive score of 1963 (single-core) and the massive 6687 score (multi-core), topping the GeekBench 4 list. As for chipset it is using same Qualcomm 835 SOC as The Galaxy S8 and the Xperia XZ Premium but they score lower than oneplus 5 in the test.
Samsung Galaxy S8 scored scored 1929 in single-core and 6084 in multi-core & Sony’s flagship Xperia XZ got 1943 in single-core and just 5824 in multi-core which are impressive score but they clearly lag behind the upcoming Oneplus 5 which will provide the user more bang for buck.
On a different note few months back Oneplus was caught cheating on their benchmark scores by artificially boosting processor clock speeds when running certain benchmark apps, keeping its CPU cores running at higher rates even when there was virtually no processor workload. So we should just assume on these results that Samsung and Sony will be slower in comparison to Oneplus5.


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