There were man rumours of Oneplus 5 having a Dual camera but now an alleged prototype has been photographed with just that design, however there’s a twist in this story apparently, this isn’t the final design.
Rear or side-mounted fingerprint reader is missing. This leaves the front as the only possible placement, which, in turn, means no “bezel-less” design. Again, this image doesn’t represent the final design, but unless OnePlus makes a drastic change, we’re unlikely to see front bezels go away this generation. There is a larger spacing between the volume rocker and the alert slider.
There are no photo of the front of this OnePlus 5 unit is not available, though rumor has it that a dual selfie cam is located above the screen. And you can see the dual camera on the back, joined by what looks like a dual-LED dual tone flash.
According to the sources Oneplus may raise there price tag to $650 as OnePlus 5 will likely use more costly components.As per rumours Oneplus 5 will have a ceramic and metal build, 8 GB of RAM, the Snapdragon 835, 128 GB of storage and a QHD display, sooner or later OnePlus’s prices were always going to have to more closely resemble those of mainstream flagships.


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