Earlier there were reports that Apple will introduce iPhone 8 with Touch ID which will be embedded into the screen and there was even a video leaked where a Vivo device was unlocked by the fingerprint icon on the screen. Now Qualcomm at MWC declared that it is building fingerprint scanners that go under the Smartphone display.
The company is using similar design to its ultrasonic fingerprint detection method which was revealed by Qualcomm earlier. Qualcomm will be using ultrasonic as it can read a fingerprint through your smartphone’s display panel but only if it is not very thick. So the scanner with Qualcomm’s ultrasonic fingerprint detection could only work on OLED panel displays as they are only 1200 μm thick.
Qualcomm’s new sensors are also capable of detect heart beat rate and blood flow which could also be used when the device screen is off. The scanners will also work under water, so now users can unlock their waterproof devices when it is immersed in the water. Company also unveiled also announced two new basic scanner with the ultrasonic technology but they are only effective under metal or glass. These scanners are expected to be integrated into the device by the end of the year whereas fingerprint scanner under the screen can be launched by the mid of 2018.


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