Reliance Jio announced its Buy One Get One Free offer earlier this month, giving users 5GB of free data with a recharge of Rs. 303, and 10GB data free at Rs. 499. The offer was initially said to be valid for one month, but new plans have come to light that will let Jio users enjoy up to 10GB data per month for a whole year instead of just a month.
As you already know, while signing up for Jio Prime membership, customers can recharge their accounts for Rs. 303 or Rs. 499 with validity of 28 days to get the free data for one month. But there are other Jio Prime plans, where if you do a recharge of Rs. 3,636, you will get 60GB of data with validity of 336 days (effectively 11 months or 12 recharge cycles). With this recharge option, Reliance Jio is giving customers 5GB of data every 28 days on top of the 28GB they will get as Jio Prime members. Similarly, a Rs. 5,988 recharge will give you 10GB free 4G data per 28 days (above the 56GB you will get anyway) for 12 recharge cycles – or 120GB ‘free’ data in total.


Moreover, the company is allowing users to decide the validity of the recharge. So, for example, users can choose to buy the Rs. 2,944 recharge and get 10GB of extra data for 6 recharge cycles, or spend Rs. 2,727 for free 5GB data for 9 recharge cycles. You just need to multiply the recharge value (Rs. 303 and Rs. 499) with the number of recharge cycles you want to commit with the network to; maximum recharge cycles under this Jio offer are capped at 12. Gadgets 360 verified these plans and other details with Jio customer support.
The free data in the Buy One Get One Free offer comes into play once you exhaust the 1GB FUP, and can be consumed anytime throughout the 28-day period. Jio Prime members have until March 31 to avail the Reliance Jio Buy One Get One Free offer, so this will mean spending the whole amount (say, for 12 recharge cycles) in one go. After March 31, they will not be able to take advantage of this offer.



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