Samsung has released Galaxy Note 7 refurbished sets with slightly smaller battery 3,200 mAh battery instead of the 3,500 mAh found in the original. Initially Samsung was denied that they would release refurbished Galaxy Note 7 but a couple of weeks ago Samsung finally came clean and confirmed they would indeed breathe new life into the Note 7.
From an environmental and financial perspective it makes a lot of sense for Samsung to try to resell the millions of recalled Note 7 units. While they will obviously have had extreme quality assurance testing done on them, for many the whole idea will seem…off. If even one of these refurbed units catches fire as Note 7 occasionally do then Samsung is going to have a massive PR headache on their hands.
Samsung also assigned a different model number as the settings menu shows N935 now, as opposed to the N930 of the original one.


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