Apple has been rumored to be working on a fingerprint sensor embedded into the screen on its upcoming device iPhone 8 but now we got rumours that Vivo is set to launch a device with fingerprint sensor on the screen in coming months.
The company has already started testing its device according to the video which was leaked earlier. On the screen there is an fingerprint icon which is visible on touching the icon the display turns on. The video doesn’t elaborate much as will there be a specific area on the screen where the scanner will be located.
Earlier Samsung also tried to integrate fingerprint scanner on its new Samsung Galaxy S8 was not successful in doing so. There are rumors that Xiaomi and Huawei are also working on their devices to add this similar feature. At the moment i think vivo is a step closer to any other Brands working on integrating fingerprint scanner to their display screens. Hopefully we will get this feature and we get more sleeker devices.


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