Xiaomi has officially listed there new Xiaomi Mi 6 on their website. Xiaomi Mi 6 is powered by Qualcomm’s latest processor – the Snapdragon 835. The 10nm processor is 35 percent smaller and 25 percent more efficient than its predecessor. Processor aside, the smartphone comes with the Adreno 540GPU, 6GB of RAM ( DDR4X 64 bit dual-channel memory) and a 2×2 dual Wi-Fi system. Xiaomi claims that the Mi 6 has a AnTuTu score of 184,292.
It features a 3,350 mAh battery which the company claims can easily last a day. A 5.15-inch 1080p display with seamlessly integrated dual cameras at the rear. The display has a brightness of 600 nits and features 4096 levels of backlight adjustment. The display’s brightness goes all the way down to 1 nit in order to alleviate eye strain at night.
Mi 6 starts at 2499 yuan (about $360) for a model with 64GB of storage, and a 128GB model will cost 2899 yuan ($420); that makes it a little more expensive than the Mi 5, which started at 1999 yuan. A Mi 6 variant with a ceramic back panel and 128GB of storage will sell for 2999 yuan ($435).


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