The Mi 6 is expected to be available in three versions. No-one seems to know exactly what they’ll be called, and we’ve seen everything from Youth and Pro to Premier and Plus thrown around. The Mi5s had a Plus version that was larger, but there is not expected to be a larger version this time around, merely a higher-spec model. So to save confusion, we’ll stick with the naming scheme Mi 6 Lite, Mi 6 Standard and Mi 6 Pro until we know otherwise.


The Mi 6 Lite is rumoured to cost 1999 Yuan, which converts to £236.57, 273.40 Euro or $290.74. The Mi 6 Standard may come in at 2499 Yuan, which is £295.74, 341.61 Euro, or $363.46. And the Mi 6 Pro could cost 2999 Yuan, or £354.97, 410.01 Euro and $436.19.
There are so many rumours flying around the web about the Mi 6, and many of them blatantly rubbish. The 4K (4096×2160) screen, for example – if Xiaomi has previously fitted only full-HD screens even to its flagships, including its revolutionary, previously concept phone, the Mi Mix, why is it going to jump straight from full-HD to Ultra-HD?
Specifications Xiaomi MI6 Features
Battery 4000 mAh
Camera Features Flash Feature introduced, Front Camera with retina flash
Camera – Rear 23 Megapixels
Camera – Front 7 Megapixels
Features D Touch, a pressure-sensitive technology,
Memory 32GB, 64GB, 128GB
Operating System Android V.6 Marshmallow
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 – 2.5  GHZ
Release Date March 2017 – See Below
Price $450 USD, 500 Euro – see below
Colors Black, blue, gold, and white
Screen Display 5.2 ” Display, 4K resolution


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