The Xiaomi Mi Mix received a lot of buzz, even at CES: where a white version of the ceramic-built, bezel-less smartphone was announced, despite the company not announcing the device for the United States. Anyway, a couple of 360-degree renders leaked on Weibo of the Mi Mix’s successor.
The device looks a lot like the Mi Mix, complete with the ceramic backside, and near-bezel-less design. A couple of major differences are: the addition of a second camera on the back of the phone for a dual camera setup, and even smaller bezels than Xiaomi’s Mi Mix.


A report says the new model should have a higher screen-to-body ratio of 93%, up from the Mi Mix’s 91.3%. This would be achieved by reducing a sliver of the lower bezel. At the same time, it would continue to use the same bone-conduction audio technology that eliminates the need for a speaker hole. The fingerprint scanner also remains on the back.
The size of the display hasn’t been mentioned by the report, even so, we are hoping to see perhaps a more manageable screen size like a 5.7-inch display over the “yuge” 6.4 inch panel on today’s Mi Mix.


Keep in mind that it is still quite early for these renders to hold a candle to the final design. Here’s to hoping that Xiaomi will launch it in markets outside of China or (very recently) Vietnam.



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